Andrés Bilbao (Pablo Echarri) is an ambitious and arrogant lawyer who wants to be made partner in the firm for which he works “Nevares Sosa and Associates”.

He is married to Verónica San Martín (Leticia Bredice) and has an autistic daughter. He knows he is very close to reaching his goal because he is Oscar Nevares Sosa’s favorite, the owner of the office.

After winning a trial that means a lot for the firm, Andrés is awarded a trip to Spain where he not only meets Mariana Estevez (Paola Krum), an idealistic lawyer he met a few days before, but he also has a mystical encounter with the mysterious Arturo Logroñeses, a client and leader of a Masonic Loggia, The Order of Lof, of which Oscar and his partner Marcos are members.

After that encounter, Andrés’s life is never the same. When he returns, he faces a trial with Mariana herself, who unexpectedly wins. Mariana is tempted to work in the “Nevares Sosa and Associates” office and since she is determined to grow professionally, she accepts. Andrés hates having her as a partner, not only because he beat him but also because he feels an irresistible attraction for her and that could mean serous danger for his perfectly ordered family life.

Mariana, on the other hand, has a much more important goal, besides her professional growth: she wants to know what happened a few years ago with her father0s death. Ricardo Estevez was also a member of the Order of Lof and dies in Spain in an accident, but Mariana suspects it was murder. She never knew her father was a mason, and she also ignores Oscar Nevares Sosa was her father’s murderer.

Days later, Marcos, Oscar’s partner, also dies suddenly and he carries a secret to the grave. A secret that was not supposed to be revealed. Oscar, a horrible being, wants to attain absolute power within the “Order of Lof”, and his mega plan is to crate an independent state in the South of Argentina, the future reservoir for mankind the day the planet collapses.

When the opening id produced, Andrés assumes he is The One to fill is. However, Oscar is so perverse that he decides that any lawyer from the staff could be the new partner and he starts a wild competition to see who of the four ones can really make it. Mariana is the only one who is left out, not because she

is the new one but because Oscar wants to know if Mariana knows the secret that carried him to his death and to Marcos’s death as well.

The four lawyers from the office, plus Mariana and Oscar, somehow represent the seven capital sins and thus they behave in their lives and profession.

Andrés is pride, Roberto (Jorge Suarez) is envy, Greta (Mónica Antonópulos) is greed, Octavio (Ludovico Di Santo) is lust and David (Luciano Caceres) Oscar’s son, is sloth. Oscar represents gluttony and Mariana is wrath.

When they start competing, the fight is so cruel and relentless until a fact unexpectedly determines who will fill the position of partner next to Oscar. David, a despicable and evil being falls helplessly in love with Mariana, whose attention he fails to attract until one day, totally beyond himself with drugs and alcohol, he rapes her.

Mariana decides to confront him and bring to trial to pay the heinous act he committed. She has Santiago’s help (Martin Seefeld); he is a man who loves her intensely although he knows he is not loved back. Oscar decides Andrés should defend David, promising him that if he wins the case he will be made partner.

As expected, he does win the case, and that sets him even further from Mariana with whom he was starting to have a very strong bond.

Andrés finally becomes The One, and once there, he has access to an unimaginable world of benefits and pleasure. He somehow sells his soul to the devil until what seemed to be an ideal dream starts to become a nightmare.

Andrés should pass several tests to get out of the cave in which he let himself into, while he runs extreme risks such as losing his family, his dignity and the woman he loves.

Andrés is rescued by Mariana who begins to understand that her man was a victim of a setup from which he cannot escape on his own.

Mariana braces herself to save him risking her life.

Andrés finally escapes from danger and upon looking back, he realizes there is nothing, not even money, glory or ambition that can be more powerful than love.

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