Eşkiya Dünyaya Hükümdar Olmaz

The Bandit Does Not Rule the World is a Turkish television series in the action, [...]

Kurtlar Vadisi Ambush

Kurtlar Vadisi Ambush is a Turkish-made action, drama, and political television series produced by Pana [...]

Omre Bedel

Cesur Gocer, the son of the leading Gocer family in Kilis, falls in love with [...]

Hirsiz Polis

Thief Police is a Turkish detective television, The series, which consisted of 2 seasons in [...]

Ask Ve Ceza

A 29-year-old woman called Yasemin (Nurgül Yeşilçay) works at an advertising agency. She has been [...]

Arka Siradakiler

The storyline features experiences of students and teaching staff of a suburban high school named [...]

Yuksek Sosyete

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Swarn Abha’s family is forced to leave their palatial mansion. Things [...]

Medcezir TV Series

Yaman, who lives in one of Istanbul’s suburbs, is arrested and put in jail along [...]

Kardes Cocuklari

The paths of the two mothers whose dreams and lives are different from each other [...]

My family

The story is about two middle class families; the first one is Salem’s family which [...]


This drama talks about a girl who has dreams and desires and is stuck between [...]

Karadag Family

Based on a novel by the famous Russian writer Dostoyevsky, It talks about Khalid Agha and [...]

Zaynab [Bir Kadin Tanidim]

A series tells the story of Zeinab, She was exposed to the shock and betrayal of the people closest to her. On the impact, she kills her [...]

Triumph of love

Victoria is a twenty years old girl, works as maid at Iturbide Family. She loved [...]

Bir Çocuk Sevdim

This series talks about Mena, a girl from a middle class family, who lives in [...]

Wadi Al Zeab Season 6

In this part Morad decides to accept Aron’s Felr demand to rescue a kidnapped American [...]

Wadi Al Zeab Season 5

Mourad decide to give up his mission and do a plastic surgery so he can [...]


The story is about the daily life of a group of young trainees in one [...]

Cost Of Living

Oussour is a guy who was raised in a traditional way and marries a young [...]


The series is about some carpets merchants in this Bazar who suffer from a financial [...]

Wadi Al Zeab Season 4

We started valley of the wolves with a fight between the state and the mafia [...]