Nour & Mohanad

A sarcastic daily events of  loving couple that spots the social relationship between them in 30 [...]

Me ,Fayrouz and The Long Time

Each episode speaks about a song of Fayrouz, 30 episodes each one with a duration [...]

Animals Farm Audio Book

7 Episodes each 10 Minutes long Book: Animals Farm Author: George Orwell Cast: Hyam Hamwi , Mowafak [...]

My Last Friend

The film is talking about the Story of a mid-age Doctor ” Khalid ” who [...]


30 episodes, each episode runs for 15 minutes. Its plot is about theft and tricks that [...]

Hodud Shakika

Hodud Shakika is a Comedy TV series that tells the story of two neighboring villages [...]

Qyoud Al Rouh

This drama series talks about our daily life’s with its simple details that we pass [...]