Fardous TV

For many years, TV audience in the Arab world has had restricted access to international cultures due to many obstacles, most notably, the language barrier and subtitles.
However, during the last few years, many Arab television channels have introduced, with great success several drama works from Latin America and Turkey by dubbing in several local dialects.
This in turn has required the establishment of specialized and professional dubbing companies to meet the increasing industry demands.
In tune with the taste and traditions of the Arab community, it is from this demand that Fardous Production was established in 2009.

Fardous Services

Fardous Production provides a well-rounded service which includes dubbing, translating, technical and sound mixing to present international works in Arabic without compromising the artistic vision of the original script.


This is achieved by utilizing the skills of voice actors, stars and other professionals whose careers are distinguished for their professional dramatic performances.
Fardous Drama for Art Production and Distribution was launched in 2011.

With Television and Cinema production materials as its main vision, and representing the front offices of Fardous Production.
It is presented as a sister company and as an interface to the world.