The events of this part take place in the world of international business and the attempts to control other countries through multinational companies

Morad, Memati, Aadbo alhay, and Omran they operate a special section of the KGT a governmental intelligence agency and their job turn to be more official than before

This part starts with the murder of an important business man named Toros , which reveals the big conspiracy and the four family council and how they control the many originations that handle the human traffic, organs trade, drugs distribution to schools, nightclubs, guns, and explosive, even they have some influences over intelligence agencies

And the story is about some intelligence agents and how they work for their own interest instead of their countries.

Alexander is a new character that appears in these events, he is an ancient inelegance agent who works against the Turkish government to take his revenge after being abandoned twice in the middle of two operations based on a real character and there is a movie based on it.

He tries to control turkey throughout his relations with other traitors inside the government, but Morad tries to stop his plans and throughout struggles with big Alexander Morad is being kidnapped in a deserted place in some mountain jail near the house of big Alexander where they torture Morad and force him to take drugs.


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