A young orphan girl Jawaher was raised with her relatives living a life almost as a slave.

Working in the field with a tractor, and a truck , she is good with mechanical engineering.

This way of life makes of her a strong and tough character.

A Pretty girl she is the focus of attention of the youth of the village.

But the handsome young man (Omar) who took her heart went to the military, and she is waiting his return to get married.

Bilal Agha the richest man of the village who is married with 2 women ,is interested with Jawaher and tries to get her Omar comes back home and get married with Jawaher, but looking for a better life he works with a friend of him since they were in military service.

They work together in the shiping business but in this business there are some fishy things.

During one of the shipments trip, Omar truck get burned and everybody thinks that he passed away.

But the young widow (Fatma) saves him and takes good care of him.

But when he recovers he will lose his memory , The village gets the bad news about his tragic death and another young man get Buried instead of him at the funeral which was the other guy who tried to save the other passenger in the truck.

Jawaher passes through a tough time because the village is ruled by traditions and rules.

Bilal Agha starts to make pressure on her to marry her.

so in order to get rid of him she tries suicide by hanging but the piece of wood got broken and she fails and in order to rescue her from this pressure , her brother in law (Ali) makes a deal which is to marries her.

During this time Omar get back his memory and hurry up back to his wife Jawaher who is waiting for him but he finds out that she is married to his brother.

And that‘s how the pain starts with Omar, the broken heart lover and Jawaher the bad luck girl.

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