This drama series talks about our daily life’s with its simple details that we pass by without any attention but these details drive us all the way long across our future and can shape our destiny and link us together as a human beings without noticing The story about the relationship between 3 different families that don’t know each other at the beginning of the story.

This relationship starts and get deeper and wider through the events till it becomes at the end of the story as a shelter who protect and keep the 3 families together in an interesting and nice way showing how can emotions, affections and love grow up between them through the daily life interaction between a 3 families that although they differs in many ways they are also look like in many other aspects as we go through the scenario.

The 3 families attend the delivery of a new baby born in the same hospital at the same date and time without knowing each other.

They are united together in many aspects while waiting for the new comers, their happiness with their babies and then, each family go on passing by many ways from 1983 till 2009.

the script tries to figure out the social and human changes that affect each family member through their moments of happiness or sorrow We are going to watch through time frame the evolution of the 3 families either coincidentally or up to destiny or even through daily interaction.

This series consist of 30 episodes

Written by: Rima Flihan and Yara Sabry

Produced by: Fardous Drama 2010


Bassam Kusa – Yara Sabri

Jihad Saad – Sulafa Mammar

Salim Sabry – Doha El Dabs

May Eskaf – Marah Jabr

Mehyar Khadour – Nadine Tahssein Beik

Maysoun Abu Assad – Iad Abu Elshamat

Ghazouan Al Safady – Sawsan Arshid

Deema Jundi – Amer Ali

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