Hodud Shakika is a Comedy TV series that tells the story of two neighboring villages Syrian and Lebanese

They are called Umm Al-Nour and Umm Al-Nar.

Characters encounter many events that highlight the historical relationship between both countries.

This series explores social and economic problems along with clashes among the villages’ mayors


Bassem Yakhor, Lora Abo Asaad

Ahmad al-Ahmad, Maisoun Abo Asaad

Marah Jabr, Mohamed Hidaki

Shokran Mortaga, Jamal Alali

Adham Morshed, Andrih Skaf

Lilian Nmri, Bernadit Habib

Magdi Masmoshi, Tareq Tamim

Ghabril Yamen, And others…

Written by: Hazem Sulaiman

Directed by: Osama Al-Hamad

Produced by: Fardous Drama