Marianela Ruiz y de Teresa is a sweet, overweight girl. She graduates with honors from a private school. When her mother is killed in a helicopter accident, Marianela is sent to live with her uncle, Emiliano, and his wife, Fedra , along with her cousins, Emmanuel, Kristel, Gretel, and Axel.

Fedra is a cruel, money-hungry woman who has always envied Eva and hates Marianela because of her weight and because of the money she will inherit from her mother. Marianela is treated horribly by Fedra, Kristel, and Ilitia; however Axel and Gretel are supportive of her.” Emmanuel has always been Marianela’s love interest since childhood. Over time, Emmanuel develops feelings for Marianela and notices that he loves her.

Emmanuel asks Marianela if she wants to marry him. She says yes and then tells their family but after that she saw him in bed with Ilitia , so she decides to go to Spain to live with her aunt karlota.

When Marinela got to Spain she had to go to the hospital and discovers that she was being poisoned. Marianela believed Emanuel was the one who was poisoning her when in reality it was Fedra and Bernardo.

Two years later, Marianela had lost all her weight and returns to Mexico.

Marianela arrives but no one is able to recognize her and starts to take here revenge in order to get back here inheritance and to ruin the life of Ferda , Emmanuelle  and the others .

A new  character  appear the  silver lily a  thief who steels from rich people and gives the poor  , after many adventure and exciting events the truth is revealed .

Marianela and Emmanuel fall in love again and get married and have 2 kids. She opens up a center for Childhood Obesity and they all live happily.

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