This story is about twisted relations between four families, these relations start with friendship and turn into greed, betrayal and love, and how their children live these relations, some of them try to forget the problems and try to go on, but others sink in these problems.

lucrecia is nice girl but she suffers the cruelty of her mother.

The mother believes that lucrecia and her friend Julian to be responsible of the death of the younger brother of lucrecia. Depression seizes Rosario, who always merely tolerated her daughter’s presence. Rosario’s resentment forces her husband to send their daughter away to a boarding school in Oaxaca.

At the age of 18 she returns to San Pedro where Julián and Lucrecia come across one another and their love blooms once more.

Although their parents are in opposition, Julián and Lucrecia are prepared to fight for their love; Lucrecia is forced to marry Carmelo in order to prevent her father’s financial ruin and to save Julián from jail.

Julián leaves San Pedro for, convinced that Lucrecia betrayed him.

Three years pass. Lucrecia lives drowning in sorrow as Carmelo’s wife; furthermore, she has lost her land due to Carmelo’s ineptitude

Carmelo finds out that Julián has returned and a war unleashes between the two for Lucrecia’s love.

Lucrecia confronts her mother about the hatred Rosario always shown towards her, and she finally admits her secret: Rosario was raped by a mean man and became pregnant with Lucrecia as a result.

Her mother goes to the river where her son died and commits suicide.

Lucrecia stands by the river and throws two white roses into the river: one for her brother and one for mother. Although saddened by the loss of her family, she is joined at the river by her husband and son, whose strong blue eyes reveal him to be Julián’s child, and the three live happily ever after.

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