Marie Chowi

Marie Chowi is a Mexican series, talks about a young homeless girl named Marie whose mother left her in a shelter after her birth.

When Marie became 15, she ran out of the shelter, and thus, she was raped.

This very unfortunate and painful accident made her feel hatred towards all men.

However, she meets a very kind lady named Mrs. Kandrilla who takes care of Marie and welcomes her to her home.

One day, Marie goes to the court and meets the judge who is her biological father without knowing so.

Marie falls in love with Juhan Micheal who abandoned her after the unexpected appearance of his wife whom he thought she was dead in plane crash.

Michael searches for a place for his wife where she can stay. Then he found a place for Marie to stay which is Marie’s father's home, the judge, and his wife.

Juhan Micheal marries Marie.   But after a while she finds out something wrong about him so she leaves him and goes to live in a farm owned to a man called Quontarissa.

Quontarissa falls in love with her, offers to marry her and adopt her child…..

Which one will Marie choose, Quontarissa or Juhan Migel ? …

this is what we are going to know with the upcoming events.

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